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Home From Rome
February 2023

Travel is a treasure.
So is coming home.


Say Aloha
April 2022

Greet your guests with
the spirit of the Hawaiian Islands!


Utah Skies
March 2022

A song to honor the beautiful state of Utah.
Inspired by my brotherís trips to Utah's dark sky parks and places.

My Brother's Utah Dark Skies Story

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Soothing Sun

September 2021
Greet the morning sun every day with this touching tribute to the day!


Goodnight to the Sun

September 2021
A thankful goodbye to the sun. Although it was inspired by Hawaii, you can enjoy it anywhere in the world!


Lelehuna (Misty Rain)

July 2021
Inspired by the misty rain that greets me most every morning here in Hawaii as I take in the sunrise on our lanai.  This upbeat, sparkly love song is dedicated to "the one I love."  Anyone who knows me knows exactly who that is.  :-)


Handprints on the Window Pane
(COVID-19 Blues)

May 2021
Powerful and moving, this song captures the frustration, emotions and despair of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Future releases will be posted as soon as they are available.  Please visit my website again soon.